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May 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
connelly, walter jenkins, horace busby, warren woodward, george brown of brown and ruth, edward a. clark, perhaps 20 of them, i named them, without exception, 100 percent, all talked to me and talked to me as much as i wanted at, so that's not really accurate. there are members of the johnson circle who wouldn't, well actually just a couple who wouldn't talk to me, and i'm sure i'll find more, but the fact is that each time one of these excerpts in the new yorker, i couldn't keep up with the people telephoning or sending me letters or contacting me through an intermediary, to really say, "why haven't you talked to me?" usually it was because i'm not up to them yet. c-span: one other thing, on the source thing, "the greatest single loss to my research, in my opinion, came with the death of abe fortas." why? >> guest: well, abe fortas in the first place was very close to lyndon johnson at crucial moments in his life. now, this volume would be much poorer. johnson saved the senate election because of a legal maneuver by abe fortas. fortas explained it to me and i think the book is much rich
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1